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Find products by similar product`s image

Good day.
Hope you guys doing well.

Here is my little monologue.
Use proper name for products page`s title is pretty much hard,especially indigenous things like Shinto.Because there is no proper name for English.eg.) this is called HASSOKU by Japanese,although 95% of people will search this by "Shinto altar(ritual) table ".In the case you search by "Shinto altar(ritual) table " there are tons of products will come up which may included not meaning of it.
We do not like customer to be frustrated for searching,therefore I`m now constructing inside page`s tags,categories,etc for sort products to be find properly...but it will require bit longer than my expectation.

Meanwhile,please kindly use the little camera icon search.We known sometime make you annoy cause he is sticking left side of all pages,but he is very useful & clever than me!!
The name is Simile what is the one of the best search app in Shopify.

How to use Simile on PC

1) Right click on pic that you like to search similar product.And select“Save image to ” to save the image on desktop or your downloaded folder.(The saved picture format is .webp that may you can not see on your computer,but you can use it for search even can not see)
How to use simile / find products by picture image


2) Click the mini camera icon which stick to left side in the page OR under products explanation.
how to use Simile / find product by similar picture image


3) Click “BROWSE PIC FROM YOUR DEVICE” to upload what you saved image in procedure1). You can also drag & drop the saved image into cell.
how to use Simile / find product by similar picture image


4) Results will comes up on display.However,sometimes there might shown too many of similar products OR results are not came up.Then,click to crop mark icon.
how to use Simile / find product by similar picture image


5) You can resize the blue crop field that able to manage the search range and it makes search accuracy to be better.
Please click search icon after you set up the crop field.
how to use Simile / find product by similar picture image

This is really handy and useful!
Hope this is you can find some product what you can not find by normal search.

See you in next blog.

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