We are close products listing due to update store.

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year and hope you having nice holiday.
And thanks you guys so much order, inquiry and messages in 2020.

2020 was starting year of our English official site and I think it was pretty much impressive results are come up that we did not expected. We started to construct the site for US customers, but orders came from Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Hawaii, Australia, my 2nd home country New Zealand and more countries. It`s remain us strongly that we have to improve many services in 2021 for people who lives as Buddhist and Shinto.

・Another method of shipping services
We were really really hope that JP POST has recover EMS shipping services, but it seems to they are not able as long as covid-19 expanding... We will take contract to another shipping company early in this year and improve delivery speed like 7days - 14 days package arrival.

・List up more various products
Some of customers are give us inquiry of our bigger size products which listing on our Japanese official site, Rakuten and so. We could not make them manage cause of over the size package in JP POST, but we will figure it somehow and list up more products, especially Kamidana altar set.

・Shopee site is nearly open
For customer from Asia, we will open store in Shopee very soon. EMS is still available around of Asia that will be guaranteed to faster delivery if you order in Shopee

・Easy to get contact
Facebook, instagram or WhatsUp chat services will be available sooner or later in this year. I am not good at SNS, but I will try them.

We are planning many more things in this year.
Please sometimes come to see if you have interest.

Thank you!
Nakai from YAMAKO Japan Inc

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