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UPS global shipping

Good day.
We had contract with UPS for optional way to ship package. They will delivery package about 1-3 weeks which depends on your address. Very fast, 100% of insurance in a case something happen to package and you can trace package clearly.

We had added to 2 ways of UPS shipping option in product and payment page.

In product page
UPS shipping option
  1.  Down below of the cart button in the product page, there is "Quote UPS shipping" widget. 
  2. If you purchase our some of products with the Quotation, we will send UPS shipping fee after we pack up.
  3. If you are OK with the shipping fee, we will edit order and add the price in this item. We do not edit price and ship without your agreement.
  4. If you are not agree the fee, we will ship item by sea freight or ePacket.

In payment form page
UPS shipping option
  • Some of the products has optional select for UPS shipping.
  • The shipping fee is based on average and usual price of UPS Japan. So, we will calculate the actual shipping fee after we weigh package size and pay you back the difference.
  • Most of cases it will be cheaper than the usual price. 
Usual price of UPS Shipping fee
23inch / 60cm $55
31inch / 80cm $78
39inch / 100cm $130
47inch / 120cm $206
55inch / 140cm $274
62inch / 160cm $342

If you do not get clear anything, please contact us.
About our Free Shipping(Sea Freight or ePacket) is click here.

Thank you!
Nakai from YAMAKO Japan Inc

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