Yamako Buddha Statue Plain Wood Hexagonal Pedestal (13.5 H x 5.9 W x 4.5 D inches)

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About The Product
  • Size(Inch) : height 13.5 / width 5.9 / depth 4.5
  • Color : Natural
  • Item Condition : New
  • This is made of natural wood, therefore there are individual differences in grain and color. This will gradually change the color in amber over time and have depth to its color and not show the original grain.

Easy to enshrine to modern alter and miniature Buddhist alter!
The principal image of sculpture under the supervision of Kodo Hokari who is Japanese sculptor of Buddhist statue. Made of one piece of boxwood has a massive feeling. Elaborate and delicate carvings, moderate glossiness having a high class feeling. Made carefully by skilled craftsmen one by one along with Kodo Hokari’s greatest supervision.

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Yamako Buddha Statue Plain Wood Hexagonal Pedestal (13.5 H x 5.9 W x 4