OFUDATATE / Amulet & Charm(talismans) stand with Japanese Kanji 雲(Cloud) Dark Brown Color

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About The Product
  • Size(Inch) : height 6.1 / width 13.4 / depth 3.3
  • Material : Kishu Hinoki(top class of Japanese cypress wood)
  • Color: Dark Brown(Funiture-like)
  • Paint coating : Nature-based coating without using synthetic resin paints.
Please kindly understand that samples of example are not included to product.
Ofudatate is simple and easy to enshrine amulets and charms.
This type does not need to mount shelves or stick to the wall.
Place this mini kamidana anywhere you like even on dinging table.
It has made by Kishu Hinoki(Japanese cypress) wood and you can also enjoy subtle smell of Hinoki wood.

Japanese Kanji character meant " kumo " ( cloud ) at front face that crafted by professional craftsmen one by one.

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OFUDATATE / Amulet & Charm(talismans) stand with Japanese Kanji 雲(Clou