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YAMAKO Shinto Shrine For Outside / KAMIDANA INARI Red colored Ful 19.6H

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About The Product
  • Shrine altar size : 19.6H 17.7W 16.1D inches
  • Material : Tono-Hinoki(Japanese cypress wood) / Roof is by blonde(copper) processing
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The appearance is the most basic type, and it is recommended for the first time to choose an outer shrine. The 19.6H size is suitable for a variety of purposes, from home enshrinement to corporate use and shrines. This is a traditional Japanese wood craft where craftsmen are involved in each step of the process, from selection of lumber to wood cutting, assembly, and blonde(copper) roofing.

The beautiful Tono Hinoki series of outer shrines is the result of the combination of this high-quality cypress wood and excellent woodworking techniques. It is a high-class line with a neat design and a strong presence.

The Tono region of Gifu Prefecture has been one of Japan's leading cypress production areas since the Muromachi period. It is located near the northern limit of the cypress growing area, and the high quality "TonoHinoki" produced in this region is a well-known brand material. The faint cherry color and glossy texture of the wood is used for high quality Shinto altar products.

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YAMAKO Shinto Shrine For Outside / KAMIDANA INARI Red colored Ful 19.6