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YAMAKO Shinto Altar Home Shrine KAMIDANA INARI set Red Model triple Gate with Golden Roof Overcoating

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About The Product
  • Plaese be noted. The wood grain of the products is different for each of them. And it still breathing even after the woodworking and get shrinks and swells. As a result, there may be a small gaps or slightly bend can be found. Please understand this as a special characteristic of wood products. Thank you.

This house shrine is for INARI(INARI-MIYA) 3 door type with the accessories all you need for Inari.

Inari is a popular deity associated with foxes. Each of them are hand painted by professional crafter who build and repair actual Shrines and Temples in JAPAN.

Beautiful deep red color which represent for INARI and gorgeous golden roof with blinking gritters. Over coating process gives a glossy and glitterry finish look.

 For the wood material we use high-grade Hinoki cypress which is well known for high-grade quality Hinoki cypress in Gifu prefecture.  It comes with SHINGU set which place an offering. It has a Inari crest on it and made by Seto-yaki which is also a well known tradisional crafts in Japan.

 2Pairs of Golden foxes gives gorgeous looks and Big flags and Big Torii represent of Inari are catch the eyes and make this house shrine gives more sacred atmosphere.

It has been said in Japan for long time that Inari brings you a good luck and success in business. May your all wishes become true with Inari.

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YAMAKO Shinto Altar Home Shrine KAMIDANA INARI set Red Model triple Ga