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Shinto Home Shrine Altar Set / KAMIDANA "Rising Dragon & Phoenix" Full Set 14.9H

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About The Product
  • Shrine altar size : 14.9H 23.2W 13.3D inches
    Space for the sacred Ofuda : 11.8H 11.8W 1.5D inches (thickness of the bottom cutout 0.5inch)
  • Material : Hinoki (High class of Japanese cypress wood)
  • Included : 7-piece ceramic set with gold lettering, Shinto mirror, Eight-foot stand, A pair of silk artificial flowers
  • OFUDA is not included with this product.
  • Package will be delivery by UPS which takes around 1-3 weeks to your address.

The width is 23.2 inch, making it a rather large Shinto cabinet. It is also deep, making it a gorgeous piece for a single shrine. You can easily fit the sacred Ofuda from the bottom of the shrine. Also, the width is wide enough to accommodate various shapes of sacred Ofuda.

The "A-Un" double dragon pillar is decorated with meaning of "pillar of protection from evil", a reference to the Yomei-mon gate of Nikko Toshogu Shrine. The shrine to pray for everlasting peace and tranquility.

The beautiful roof of the shrine is made in the "Karahafu" style(Traditional shrine style). The decorative railings are made of high-grade hinoki cypress, and are finely carved. The three-dimensional structure of this Shinto shrine is something that you will never get tired of looking at. The openwork "Ranma(Transom)" also creates a solemn atmosphere with the fragrance of Japanese cypress. It is recommended for those who are looking for a Shinto shrine with a strong presence.

This is a domestically produced "Setomono" which high quality line of Japanese ceramic sets, with gold "Gojinzen(for God)" lacquered on the Shinto altarware. The base of the shrine mirror is also elaborately and finely carved. This set is recommended for those who are looking for a magnificent shrine in terms of appearance and size.

Link : Sushi NOZOMI
Link : About God of Dragon
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Shinto Home Shrine Altar Set / KAMIDANA "Rising Dragon & Phoenix" Full