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buddhist prayer beads onyx Mens

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About The Product
Buddhist prayer beads for Man by Kyoto Professional crafter

"Abbreviate beads  for men with a basic shape"
Abbreviated beads and One-Handed beads can be used by any denomination.The larger beads are for men and the smaller beads are for women.Nowadays, many people have this One-Handed beads, and it is a basic item for Buddhist.

"Special material"
For the material we use Black Onyx stones. Applying the heat to natural agate stone and coloring it to be black. There is actually no strips in agate stones so it is actually a Black Chalcedony but we call it Onyx by the old common name. It has been said from long time ago that this stone will keep away from evil and people that  for prevent themselves from the evil spirits.

The muted colored stones and tassel has an elegant finish look.
It is a highly wrought crafts made by Kyoto Professional crafter and highly recommended for both amulets and gifts.
It comes with a label of Kyoto Buddhist prayer beads Manufacturing and Cooperative association as a proof of the product of Kyoto Buddhist prayer beads.

"Juzu" = "Buddhist prayer beads" which is a tool for Buddhists mostly used during pray time in JAPAN. Many people use it when the praying time in front of the altar. Put both hands together and hang the beads on your hands. This item is similar to a bracelet made of natural stone.

These Japanese prayer beads nowadays has used in all over the world owing to it beauty. It can be used as a bracelet, Accessory for your clothing or of cause for praying time.

This beads doesn't matter what county are you from or what kind of regions you believe in,Please use it as a lucky item to get peaceful mind or use it as you like with your free ideas.  Made in Kyoto.

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buddhist prayer beads onyx Mens