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Shinto Modern Home Shrine Set with Wooden Ritual Fittings, "AMATERASU" thin, compact, wall-mounted type 12.7H

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About The Product
  • Shrine size : Height 12.7, Width 16.1, Depth 5.7 Inches
    Space for the Ofudas and amulets : Height 11, Width 13.7, depth 1.7 Inches
  • Material : Tono Hinoki (Japanese cypress wood)
  • Set : KAMIADANA altar, combination of unglazed pottery, glass, and mini sakaki leafs.

Shinto home shrine like modern Japanese interior.

Enshrine it neatly and splendidly.
This Kamidana made by image of the heavenly world, the divine realm where AMATERASU appears, the divine tablets(Ofuda) are placed behind the clouds. The "Amaterasu Oomikami" Ofuda sets in the center, and the other divine tablets, Ofuda, Amulets can be placed together.

Make a wish for everything and put your hands together
The front part of the container can be removed to easily accommodate large sacred Ofuda and red seal pads. And there is enough depth to hold amulets and other items along with the sacred Ofuda.

Crafted from Japanese Tono Hinoki
The thin silhouette blends in well with the interior of the room, even when hung on the wall, and can be installed in any Japanese or Western room. The beauty of Japanese architecture, "Senbon lattice" and thin Kiso cypress "veneer" are used as cloud decorations to create a warm and gentle atmosphere. It is made of very high quality cypress wood from the border of Gifu and Nagano prefectures (the back is plywood).

With a beautiful Shinto wooden ritual fittings
The Shinto ritual fittings are also made by Hinoki(Japanese cypress). The set are combination of unglazed pottery, glass, and cypress wood, a set full of "Japanese" taste. Offerings to the gods should be placed in a beautiful container, with all your heart.
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Shinto Modern Home Shrine Set with Wooden Ritual Fittings, "AMATERASU"