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wooden fishing rod stand

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About The Product
  • The pattern and shape are different from the picture due to the handmade stuffs. Plaese be noted.
  • The wood grain of the material cypress is different for each product. Even when the cypress becomes a product, it breathes and expands and contracts. The wood grain of the products is different for each of them. And it still breathing even after the woodworking and get shrinks and swells. As a result, there may be a small gaps or slightly bend can be found. Please understand this as a special characteristic of wood products. Thank you.

● "Build" in a mountain workshop
This product is made slowly and carefully in a mountain workshop using "Tono Hinoki" produced in the Tono area of ​​Gifu prefecture. It is made solid and designed to stand various types of rods. A rod stand with the warmth of cypress, furniture taste, and simplicity and functionality that tickles the hearts of fishing enthusiasts.

● Arrange them neatly and "attractive" the rods
As it is already assembled, you can line up your favorite rods as soon as they arrive.
Unlike MDF plywood and aluminum stands, the body is too light and the rod will not fall over. Felt is pasted on the bottom, so even after arranging the rods, it is designed to be easy to move by sliding the floor and not to be scratched.

If you only have a rod without a reel, you can stand 16 rods. If you attach a reel, 8 to 9 is a guide. The height position of the lower corrugated holder has been changed. The lower side of the holder is designed so that the separate grip rod can be erected without tilting.
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wooden fishing rod stand