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Yamako KAMIDANA Shinto Altar Wooden Shrine Brass Decoration W/Shinto Altar Fittings Full Set

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About The Product
  • Size : KAMIDANA altar outside dimension 13.8H x 10.6W x 2.8D Inches / Inside dimension(OFUDA space) 10.6H x 3.5W x 1.4D Inches
  • Material : OWASE Hinoki (Japanese cypress wood)
  • Set : KAMIADANA altar , Shinto altar fittings 7 pieces set, A divine mirror w/pedestal, a wooden offering stand(HASSOKU table), a pair of SAKAKI leaves.

Standard type of KAMIDANA
This is most standard KAMIDANA altar in Single gate type, looks are very neat and you can enjoy dignity from KAMIDANA.

Traditional craft master made
The altar is made by Japanese traditional wood craft masters who usually also build, refurbish and repair real Shrine and Temples in Japan. Wood material is Japanese high-grade cypress wood (HINOKI) which has beautiful grain.

Compact and easy to set up
This full set is compact and you can put anywhere you like in your home.

Our KAMIDANA products are blessed by Shinto priest in Shrine.
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Yamako KAMIDANA Shinto Altar Wooden Shrine Brass Decoration W/Shinto A