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Yamako KAMIDANA Shinto Alter Shrine Wood Box-Type (Japanese Tono-Cypress Made) W/Shinto Altar Fittings Full Set

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About The Product
  • The box type of KAMIDANA called "HAKOMIYA" and this was made in cold area in Japan. There are people who uses fireplace and they made box for guard KAMIDANA from the ash. This is the beginning of HAKOMIYA and currently the box type is be popular to all around Japan, because it able to keep clean KAMIDANA and also easy to sweep dust.
  • Made of high-grade numinous material Japanese Tono cypress wood with beautiful grain.
  • Set : Ceramic seven piece set, divine mirror, sakaki leaf and paper"cloud"
  • 12.6H x 23.2W x 5.5D Inches

Item Condition: New

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Yamako KAMIDANA Shinto Alter Shrine Wood Box-Type (Japanese Tono-Cypre