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Yamako Shinto Amulet & Charm Shrine Set "Inari Rakuen Jingu Shrine" Inspired By Fushimi Inari

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About The Product
  • Shrine in the center: Height 5.6, Width 4.8, Depth 2.5 inches
    Inside dimensions: Height 3.1, Width 1.8, Depth 0.8 inches

    Left and right shrines : Height 3.9, width 2.9, depth 1.5 inches
    Inside dimensions: height 6, width 2.1, depth 1.2

    Torii gate: Height 11.5, Width 13.7, Depth 1.7 inches
    Money box: Height 3.9, Width 2.9, Depth 1.5 inches
    Sakaki stand: Height 3.5, Width 2.0, Depth 2.0 inches
    Inari fox: Height 3.9, Width 2.1, Depth 1.1 inches

  • Included : Three mini Shrines, Torii Gate, Money box(Saisen-box), Sakaki stand, Pair of Inari foxes(gold), Inari Divine mirror, Three leaves of sakaki

Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine is visited by many worshippers from all over the world. The stunning Senbon Torii gate and the many foxes are a big attraction and attract many people. The beautiful vermillion-lacquered color is also known to keep evil away.

Our original "Inari Rakuen Jingu" is inspired by the majesty of Fushimi Inari Taisha, a shrine with a history of over 1,300 years, and will bring you closer to the "Inari God" from the moment you receive it.

The torii (gate), the mirror, and other sacred objects are all carefully crafted and finished. The money box can also be used as a piggy bank. The golden fox and the green of Sakaki are reflected in the beautiful colors of red and black. The colorful "Inari Rakuen Jingu" is a product only available in our store.

Inari is believed to bring prosperity to business, heal illnesses, stabilize body and mind, give birth to children, give birth to babies, bring good luck, improve entertainment, and ward off disasters.
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Yamako Shinto Amulet & Charm Shrine Set "Inari Rakuen Jingu Shrine" In